Spending time shopping in Bangkok is inevitable. Once you enter its domains, the deals and designer brands lure you in and keep you inside its many malls.

Image credit- Unsplash,picaidol,CC0

Visit Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is one of the world’s biggest open-air markets and is home to close to 15,000 stalls. They sell anything from plants to traditional medicine so keep your eyes peeled.If you are spending your stay at the serviced apartments in Sathorn such as the Ascott Sathorn Bangkok, be sure to ask for the best time to visit to avoid the crowds.

Papaya Vintage

This is another great shopping destination and is found will with vintage items and memorabilia. It is a paradise for collectors and other enthusiasts who arrive from across the globe.

The Railway Market

This is found behind a typical mall just outside of Bangkok and is a night market that focuses primarily on antiques. It’s a stunning sight to see the crowds and well worth making an excursion towards it.

Dasa Book Café

This is likely the largest second-hand bookshop in Bangkok and contains close to 18,000 books, neatly organized amongst its shelves.