Singapore is known as a shopper’s paradise from glitzy malls to local neighbourhood outlets selling world renowned original branded items to indigenous and affordable goods. This small country is known around the world to contain the best of branded wear with all internationally renowned designer names and labels. Shopping in Singapore is considered the national pastime where there are no shortages of options. With hundreds of luxury accommodation options to be based at such as Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium which is seen as the best hotel in Singapore, travellers will have plenty of time to visit some of the famous shopping malls as part of their holiday to Singapore.

PARCO Marina Bay is the newest addition to the web of overcrowded shopping malls Singapore has to offer. It is a welcome inclusion to hungry shoppers who are ever willing to flash the cash and plastic cards to satisfy their shopping demands. PARCO Marina Bay is a 10 million USD, 85,000 square feet complex located in the sleepy Millennia Walk within the Marina District. It is increasingly becoming popular among the shoppers due to the plenty of unusual retail and eating spots mostly new to Singapore. It showcases a total of 108 shops providing a wide and diverse array of items and services from food to everyday goods to beauty and culture. PARCO is known to have taken the initiative to groom and encourage emerging local designers with their designer wear on sale in the colourful fashion zone of the complex named “PARCO next NEXT”. Women, who are the majority out of the shoppers, spend a considerable part of their day busy shopping at this brand new attractive shopping mall with a latest twist to the concept of shopping in Singapore.

The unique “Itadakimasu” restaurant zone houses 6 authentic Japanese cuisines and a popular fusion vegetarian restaurant. These special features help distinguish PARCO Marina Bay from other local shopping malls and commercial facilities.

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