Salalah is the hustle and bustle of Oman with a rich culture, natural attractions, souks, and markets. This is where you will find anything and everything, and where you can bargain with the locals for a fun shopping experience. If you were looking for things to buy, here’s what Salalah is famous for.

Crafts and Pottery

When you take a taxi from your stay at Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara to Salalah market, the handcrafts are the first things you will notice. Palm leaf handicrafts are some of the best-selling products in Salalah. The pottery features mesmerising patterns and carvings as well. These are used in most households, restaurants, and resorts in Salalah as an alternative to plastic.


The gold and silver jewellery you will find in the souks and markets in Salalah are of premium quality, and they feature the most unique designs. Most of these are extravagant with a touch of antique. They are evidence of the fine craftsmanship of local jewellers.  If you’re looking to gift someone special, these pieces would be ideal!


Halwa, dates, honey, and other local delicacies can be found in abundance at every corner of Salalah. Omani halwa is famous for its mouthwatering taste, and it is also the national dessert. Grab some to take home for an evening tea or to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Frankincense is the talk of the town in Salalah. This natural incense is used in most households in Oman to give a distinctive aroma. You can find incense burners, perfumes, and frankincense oil in the Salalah market.