A congested shopping extravaganza is usually something you would not want to be a part of but the Damnoen Saduak – Floating Market is by far an experience a traveller has to discover. This enthralling feature of Bangkok’s historical tradition is located on the Damnoen Saduak District’s Canal Bank. The Canal that connects to the Tacheen River and the Mae Klong River is a place where many tourists are seen gathered to consume and purchase all types of products and food.

This shopping experience will definitely change the way you look at shopping. The floating market is all about tradition, as you will see a number of vendors on board their small boats, dressed in traditional clothes to provide you with an assortment of consumer goods. What’s more, their fresh products are of absolute goodness and the prices couldn’t be any better.

At the floating market, a number of meats, vegetables and fruits can be purchased. One of the floating markets foremost products that are sold off the boats like hot cakes – are the Malacca grapes and the Chinese grapefruit. Another indulging activity to be a part of – is the boat tours offered at the Damnoen Saduak’s floating market. A tourist heading out here would definitely want to experience a boat ride and a guided tour around the canal, as many temples and ancient houses are seen adjoined.

This everyday market is certainly an epic adventure for everyone. By being a grand attraction, the floating market decided to re-locate a number of boats selling artefacts, ancient murals and souvenirs to tourists towards a different section and the main market that sells consumer goods for locals and tourist are just a few ripples away.

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