Found at the breakwater, this large mall in Abu Dhabi is famous for its array of shops that offer enthusiastic shoppers enough items to browse through for an entire day. From reputed designer brands to vintage clothing and accessories, the mall have just about everything you need for your wardrobe teamed with entertainment venues like the ice rink and the bowling alley for the adventurous shopaholic.

 Marina Mall is one prominent land mark in Abu Dhabi and is claimed to be the largest mall in the country. Bordered by the ravishing spectacle of the sea, the mall can be entered at the end of the old Corniche road when you take the only turn to the right. However it is impossible to miss the sight of the mall and most taxi drivers too are well acquainted with its directions.

The 100 meter high platform offers a spectacular view of the surroundings and its extensive array of shops and other entertainment segments makes it a schedule for an entire day. One can also try a bit of skating at the ice rink or engage in some bowling with friends at the bowling alley in the basement or settle down to a game of pool.

The mall houses an array of stores that contain designer brands of clothes and accessories. Anyone looking for vintage clothing would also find some fabulous choices within some of the shops of Marina Mall. Some of the vintage accessories that can be found in store include the Evita Peroni’s fashion accessories which contain a segment inspired from the 1940s and 50s. Shops like Soboho are also quite a favorite among the shoppers mostly for its vintage clothing items that are unusual and classy.

A traveler who is here especially for the shopping would do well to step into one of those famous Abu Dhabi Luxury Hotels to complete and compliment a day spent in shopping paradise. Located in the Diwa dessert, the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is a most unusual with its spectacle of the dessert stretching out far and wide while within, the plush interiors and swimming pools and sun lounges enhances your comforts like a true oasis. This is one of the premier and secluded Abu Dhabi Hotels that has the power to let your drift away in a timeless reverie seemingly oblivious to the changing world that seems a hundred miles away.