Hong Kong is one of the most popularly visited destinations in the East, and it is no surprise as there are so many amazing experiences in the city. Though it is rich with history and culture, it is a city that has moved into modern times in style, and the contemporary city is up-to-date in every way. Though there are many sights, both modern and historical, that visitors greatly enjoy exploring, a favourite on everyone’s list of things to do here is shopping. From bargains to high quality products, Hong Kong shopping meets the wants of all.

The locals are always equipped with the best from leading brands in the world. Stores from most internationally renowned brands are found in Hong Kong, and sometimes at a better price due to taxing systems. Shanghai Tang is one such renowned brand, but unlike the rest it had its origins in this city and then moved on to charm the world. Founded in 1994 by the businessman David Tang, the brand has grown in leaps and bounds since, with many outlets to be found in Hong Kong including at the international airport, as well as in sites across the world.

For those shopping in this city it is a must to check out Shanghai Tan, as it fuses traditional and modern elements in a most stylish way. Beautiful Chinese designs and motifs are brought into modern times with the contemporary twist they are given by this exciting brand. In addition to fantastic ready to wear pieces for both men and women, imperial tailoring will allow visitors to take back exquisite custom made pieces from Hong Kong. Exceptional quality is a trait that will be seen in every piece this brand is associated with. It is an ideal place to shop at when in the city as the pieces reflect the East and oriental culture, serving as a souvenir from the vacation as well. Take home not only clothes but household items and other interesting products from this exciting store.

Indulge in a stay at a hotel in Kowloon Hong Kong which is reputed to be among the top accommodation options in the city; The Peninsula Hong Kong is a hotel rich with historical value, which has many accolades to show for its style and sophistication. Enjoy grand settings, excellent service and lavish comforts at this truly luxurious Hong Kong hotel.