If you want to experience the embodiment of street market shopping, stop by the Portobello Market in London, one of the most popular markets in the world. Located in the famous Notting Hill area, this market offers fresh fruits and vegetables and also boasts a collection of some of the finest antiques in the city. Those of you holidaying in the amazing city of London walk through the 2 mile stretch of Portobello Road and enjoy a shopping experience like no other.
The markets and outlets at this famous Portobello Street go back to the 1870’s, while the real tourist attraction here is its antique market. Open every Saturday from 8 am to 6:30 pm, this market has a huge collection of antiques and collectables from Britain’s yesteryears. The Antique Market is located closest to Notting Hill itself and can be easily spotted by anyone visiting Portobello Street. 
While the fresh fruit and vegetable mart located on the hilly side of the street primarily serves the local community it is quite a fascinating place to pick out some interesting local fruits. Under the Westway you will be greeted with the second hand flee market which offers real value for money. Here you can find variety of hand me downs that range from clothes to shoes and books to toys. 
On completion of the Portobello shopping experience try indulging in a self guided tour of the area through the film locations used in the hugely popular movie Notting Hill. You can see the many beautiful places in which the film was shot at and relive what it would have felt like starring in Notting Hill! There are also plenty of popular cafes and restaurants down the road to grab a bite and relax after a fulfilling shopping tour.
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