The city of Nizwa once served as the capital of Oman and comes across as an integral hub where trade takes place. Also well known for its date production, the city offers one a fabulous opportunity to meander through the Nizwa Souq that showcases a wide range of products that can be purchased. Select in a hotel in Oman from where you can commence journeying to the souq. Desert Nights Camp which is amongst the Oman hotels will offer you a truly unforgettable stay and easy access to one of Nizwa’s imposing sites.

As you arrive you might see locals hurrying to and fro to purchase only the freshest produce made available here. The city has won the hearts of many for its impressive silver jewellery and one can take advantage of the assortment on display. Talk to any of the local traders there and they would be more than pleased to assist you in choosing the finest that the souq has to offer. From vegetables, meats to the freshest fruits, one may also select from local spices, dates, pottery and leather products. Every Friday morning one could be met with sights of local farmers engaged in the selling of their livestock to the highest bidders. Such times bring with it much bargaining as many a farmer are on the lookout for the best possible price.

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