Thailand is definitely a shopper’s haven, during both day and night. If you happen to be around the riverside of Bangkok in dusk’s embrace, check out these four locales.

Yodpiman River Walk

This beautiful heritage-themed mall is definitely a place to visit if you find yourself in Bangkok by night. It’s a lifestyle mall with plenty of shopping to do and culinary experiences to savour.

The Maharaj Mall

This is one of the few malls that is situated in the old city of Bangkok and is close to many historic sites. In addition to that, you can also indulge in spectacular views of the riverside from a beautiful setting that will amaze anyone who visits.


This beautiful locale is the amalgamation of a mall and a night bazaar. It’s open from 5 pm onwards and is easily accessible from many riverside hotels in Bangkok situated close by such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

Saphan Phut Night Market

Night markets are synonymous with Thailand and a trip to this glorious nation without experiencing a night market would definitely be a waste of sorts. This market appears at around 6 pm and operates well past midnight. You can discover a wide range of products here, at unbeatable prices.

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