A night market also known as Pasar Malam sets up in a different and designated locations in Langkawi every day of the week bringing together many vendors and villagers who sell a variety of local items including food & snacks, fresh products, fruits & juices, clothes, souvenirs & trinkets, watches, sunglasses, wallets & hand bags, paintings, DVDs and many other small items in their makeshift stalls. The Night Market in Langkawi is a must visit place for the locals, expatriates and tourists to experience the true delicacies of Langkawi. A visit to the Night Market can be easily made while you enjoy a relaxing holiday at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, one of the best Beach Resorts Langkawi is know for.

The Night Market in Langkawi takes place on every Sunday night at Padang Matsirat, on Mondays at Ulu Melaka, on Tuesdays at Kedawang, on Wednesdays at Kuah Town, Thursdays at the Tamoyong village in Pantai Cenang, Fridays at Air Hangat – Padang Lalang and Saturday Night Market is again at Kuah Town.

The Night Market in Langkawi is the best place to try out various types of popular Malay dishes that are prepared and served sizzling hot at a very reasonable price. The grilled seafood, chicken or beef satay, murtabak, green mango salad, lemon grass chicken on sticks and fresh fruit juices are a few out of the many popular dishes prepared at the Night Market. There are food courts in some markets where you can sit and enjoy your meal. There are also grab and go meals that are kept already prepared in plastic bags. Mostly the friendly atmosphere at the Night Markets in Langkawi makes it the best place to relax after a tiring day’s work and enjoy a hot dinner.

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