Dubai, the dream destination of shopping, adventure and leisure is worth every penny. Revel In the city’s ultra-modern architecture and nightlife as you choose this modern city for your next vacation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Mall of the Emirates

Over 560 shops of world-class brands under one roof. The Mall of the Emirates is one of the leading malls in Dubai which was declared open in the year 2005. Tourists can discover the mall, standing tall at the interchange of the Sheikh Zayed Road. Dubai hotels located nearby to the mall might be a smart lodging option for the convenience of shopping.

Ibn Battuta Mall

How about a one-minute walk to Ibn Battuta Mall from Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Dubai? Revolved around the cultural aspects of Ibn Battuta, the renowned Moroccan explorer, this mall is the ideal spot for retail therapy, with a hint of history and culture. Constructed under its theme, the mall hosts over 250 shops catered for shopaholics seeking refuge in world-famous brands, souvenir shops and other boutiques.

The WAFI Mall

The WAFI Shopping Centre carries its own kind of charm with boutiques dedicated to high-end brands, a soothing spa, a nightclub, massive dining options, a hotel and even residencies for guests. The architecture of the mall has been inspired by the Egyptian pyramids, a rather unusual turn from the traditional malls in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

Renowned as one of the world’s largest shopping malls, The Dubai Mall is perhaps the most sought-after in the globe. Tourists flock in to explore the luxury brands, dining options, the aquarium and activities that the mall has to offer. There is hardly a moment in which the mall will not be filled with thrilled shoppers walking in and out of stores. The Dubai Mall offers a 360-degree experience for its visitors with direct access points to the Burj Khalifa and the breathtaking Dubai Fountain which comes to life with music.