If you want to embrace a holistic lifestyle of farm-to-table consumption and mindful snacking without betraying your budget, all you need to do is master the art of in-and-out grocery trips inspired by a creative and mouthwatering weekly menu you can’t wait to get started on!

grocery-store-man-shopping | img via wallpaper flare

Make a List 
Before hauling in a pricey load of groceries only to find that you have most of those items stowed away in your pantry or fridge, make sure you examine your stock of household staples and arm yourself with a list of essentials for the week like rice, cooking oil, pasta, sauces, and spices. A pro tip is to arrange your master checklist per the layout of your go-to grocery store so that you are less likely to find yourself bombarded by frozen, sugary, and processed foods before you fill your cart with fresh fruit, vegetables, and condiments.

Prep your Meals 
Make sure you plan your weekly meals, considering the eating habits and needs of your family and making sure each delicious dish is infused with organic nourishment, such as a colourful smoothie bowl for breakfast, tangy tortillas for lunch, and an aromatic stew for dinner. This saves you multiple trips to the grocery store and efficiently eliminates food wastage.

Opt for Virtual Perks 
If your busy schedule or hyper-active tribe makes for a nerve-frazzling grocery run, adding to a virtual cart is less time-consuming, more cost-effective, and you can have wholesome goods delivered right to your door at the click of a button! For seamless online grocery shopping in Sri Lanka, venture no further than uStore. 

Eat First, Shop Later 
Make sure your stomach is full before even venturing near the supermarket or tapping on your mobile app so that the likes of frozen pizzas, potato chips, and ice-cream sandwiches don’t overpower your self-control!