The Pasar Malam, translates to night market in Malay. The Langawi night markets don’t have one designated location however they keep moving around Langkawi throughout the week , they have a designated spot for each day of the week in the island. Many street vendors come together with their make shift stalls to form these markets.

The island is a very popular tourist hub with many other attractions . Langkawi Beach Resorts are much celebrated by holiday makers . The island has amazing beaches to just lie around in and one of the highly recommended places to stay by tourist is The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa.

The night markets essentially are like a country bazaar . Items sold in these markets range from food and snacks , fresh produce , fruits and juices, clothes souveniers, watches sunglasses hand bags painting DVDs and much more. The markets are a great place to dig into some local delicacies at a decent price. The atmosphere is vibrant and friendly also serves as a place to socialize. The most popular dishes here would be the piping hot Malay dishes served at a reasonable cost. Popular dishes here include the grilled chicken , beef, seafood or beef satay , murtabak , green mango salsa, lemon grass chicken on stick fresh fruit juice on stick . Some of the dishes can be really spicy however not an excuse not to try them. There is also the option of grab and go meals available which are ideal for the people who have no time to wander here, specially the locals who rush in and out of work. Sitting options are bare minimum and most stalls cannot accommodate customers to sit and enjoy the meal.

However a trip to Langkawi would not be complete without a trip to its glorious beaches.

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