A zone totally for kids from two to sixteen years without adult supervision, how great can that be! That is really what Kidzania in Jakarta is all about. A theme park that combines education and entertainment set out in the form of a fully functioning city complete with all infrastructure such as roads, shops, a hospital, a school, a supermarket, salons, a theater, industrial areas and even cars and other vehicles that run on the streets but all in kid’s sizes. The ‘city’ is run by children. Adults are not allowed in although they can participate as members of the audience in the theater and at the TV station and keep an eye on their children from the parent’s lounge.

Kids meet at a mock up of an airport where they are given a boarding pass to ‘fly’ into Kidzania. Each child is also given a 50 cheque in Kidzonian currency, a map and a security bracelet in case they get lost. Kidzania has its own economy and kidzos is its currency. Inside the zone everyone deals in kidzos. The children have to cash the cheque at the bank to do their thing in the city. If they wish to have more spending money they will have to work for which they get paid. Kids who love saving can open a bank account. Children who wish to work have a choice of more than 100 ‘careers’ to choose from. At Kidzania children are encouraged to explore the world of their dreams and through role play acquire social skills, learn to work in cooperation, make decisions, stimulate curiosity, be responsible and supportive, safeguard the environment and respect each other, the goal being to make better citizens of the world. Kids six years and younger have Urbano’s House their own play area where adults are allowed.

New additions to Kidzania include a Congrezz where proposals to develop Kidzania are considered and laws are enacted, a Research and Development Centre to develop new ideas for electronics in daily life, a coffee factory to learn about the process of making instant coffee and a chiropractic centre.

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