For most of the traveller’s sundown marks the end of the day and the time to return to their accommodations but, if you are in Hoi An and plan on visiting the Night Market, the story is different. Continue reading to know why.


Located at the heart of a UNESCO world heritage site the Hoi An Night Market, consists of over local shops that specialize in selling a variety of local food, clothing, jewellery, and souvenirs. Hoi An Night Market is considered one of the most popular markets in Vietnam and visiting here will certainly be an experience worth your while.


Entering the Market for the first time would make you feel that you are in an enchanted place as the market boasts a totally unique ambience that is different from any other night markets you have seen before. As the Market begins to open during dusk, hundreds of colourful lanterns start illuminating making the market an insta-worthy place and a wonderful place to spend the evening.

Things to do

The Market is home to a myriad of food stalls and restaurants that serve some of the most delicious Vietnamese dishes. As mentioned the market is home to a number of shops that specializes in selling a variety of goods. If you explore the market properly you can find shops that sell handmade souvenirs and shops that sell Vietnamese antiquities that you can buy at really cheap prices.

Getting there

You can reach the market easily by a motorbike taxi or a bicycle rickshaw from any part of the town, visiting here will be even easier you are stationed in Anantara Hoi An Resort from which the market is just a stroll away. Finding accommodations won’t be a problem as the market is located amidst some of the best resorts in Hoi An.

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