Your trip to the Maldives won’t be complete until you’ve picked up the perfect keepsake or memento in honour of your time here. From local bazaars to up-scale boutiques, here are some great places to purchase the perfect memento!

Male Local Market

For an authentic Maldivian experience, check out Male’s most popular street market! A favourite amongst the locals, you can take your pick from an assortment of local handicrafts such as wooden toys, ornaments, jugs and so much more! With plenty of stalls selling local delicacies as well, pick up a snack while you peruse amidst the stalls.

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Majedhee Magu

Nestled in the very heart of Male, this is another great option for those looking to do a spot of shopping on their holiday. With scarves, garments, jewellery postcards, and even electronic items come prepared to haggle as you pick up your Maldivian wares at Majedhee Magu.

Resort Souvenir Store

Most of the Maldives luxury villas such as those offered by Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences each have their souvenir store to save you the trouble of having to leave the comforts of your hotel! From the perfect little fridge magnet to some cute homeware, take your pick from some of the island’s finest mementoes without ever having to leave your resort!

Male International Airport

If it’s time for you to head back home, and you forgot to pick up a memento, fear not, you can always pick up a memorable keepsake at the airport! From cute and colourful fridge magnets to even some jewellery and sarongs, pick up something for your friends and family while you’re at it too!