Singapore, with its seductive glamour, is undoubtedly one of Asia’s most thrilling destinations. The city is bustling with entertainment with its exotic nightlife, mesmerizing architectural marvels and attractions. Furthermore, it presents you with irresistibly tasteful shopping which spoils you for choice. Be amidst a heaven of attractions and discover the fascinating culture of this enchanted city.

Taste the traditional Malay lifestyle and their exquisite food in one of the vibrant markets in Singapore known as the Gelang Serai Market. Despite its $18.2 million make over after being closed for renovations in the year 2006, it still has the rich Malay heritage style which is evident through the building’s design and structure. Some of these elements include the intricate batik motifs, sloping roofs and decorative details such as timber panels and louvers used in traditional Malay homes.

Located near the MRT station of Paya Lebar, in the hub of Malay Village, the captivating view of Gelang Serai Market does not only leave you with an essence of Malay culture, but it also offers you the privilege of trustworthy hygienic conditions, modern facilities, better ventilation and enhanced spaciousness. Be delighted as you roam around the second floor where you can find a variety of household items, clothing and food stalls. On the ground floor of this two storey building, you will be able to find various market stalls, which had largely improved in size and quality compared to the old market. Roam around the exciting stalls and grab a bite of the delicious food variety from the stalls which are open for service throughout the day. It is also a place where you can have a fun day out while enjoying the pleasing atmosphere of community spirit and warm friendliness.

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