Simply speaking, gateway@klia2 is located close to the main airport terminal in Sepang. This place is quite spacious, sheltering a number of outlets for all age groups. Prices are also not so exorbitant like in other airports. The ideal place to visit if you have any hunger pangs after landing, this is the largest terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport meant for low-cost carriers. The terminal is spread across 350,000 square feet with eight levels. You can easily reach the terminal via train or any other public transport if you do not use a private vehicle. A trip to the terminal from nearby hotels and resorts such as AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort and others won’t take too long. Keep in mind, however, that the terminal is a budget one and may therefore not live up to your expectations in all aspects.

The complex is crowded most of the time. If you have time before your flight leaves, you can hang around and enjoy what the cafes and other outlets offer. As for cafes, they offer good food in large portions at a cheap price. This is the ideal place if you have forgotten to buy a gift for someone back home. There are enough outlets that sell souvenirs, and if you suddenly remember someone for whom you did not buy anything, you have come to the right place. Of all the, window-shopping at gateway@klia2 could probably be the best for a shopaholic.

If it is retail shops that you are looking for, you will simply get lost among the plenty of them. There are footwear shops offering you a wide range of globally recognized brands. The bookshops have magazines, periodicals as well as books. The jewellery shops also sell fashion accessories at a fair rate. And interestingly massage parlours are also available to ease your physical pain away. But make sure you have enough time before your flight takes off, so that you don’t miss your flight.

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