Online shopping is the latest trend in that has taken Sri Lankan trade by storm, today you can buy anything from anywhere and it will be delivered within a designated time with a touch on your Smartphone screen. So where does its future lie?

Image Credit - mohamed_hassan Via Pixabay

Image Credit – mohamed_hassan Via Pixabay

Online shopping in Sri Lanka

This can be commonly known as a way of buying goods on the internet. Clicknshop is already a popular site where you can do online shopping in Sri Lanka. Shopping online has many advantages and convenience is one of the main reasons that people shop online.

The origin

After The invention of the first World Wide Web server and the browser by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, the way world works changed drastically. After the launch of eBay and in 1995, the era of online shopping began. Now there over

The modern ways of online shopping

Earlier you had to visit an online website to purchase a product, but today you can do it with the help of an app from your smart-handheld devices. Every day the technology is improving and innovative ideas are revolutionizing modern technology.


Even though the market has improved drastically there are few drawbacks to this mode of trade that is the inevitability of guesswork by the customers. As there is no way of physically interacting with the product by touching and feeling them before buying, this leads to dissatisfaction and increase the rate of returns and customers requesting for refunds

The Future

The future of online trade involves figuring out a way as to bring in the customer to see how the product looks or feels in real life. This is where augmented reality comes in, augmented reality is a way that the consumer can see how the product looks like through the technology of augmentation of the product. The technology will show the consumer the real size and the appearance of the product through their devices.

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