Abu Dhabi is a famous shopping destination because the city has a large number of malls and shopping arenas carrying all of the top brands in the world. Nevertheless there are five items that you should buy especially because you may not find them anywhere else. The Emirates are known to have the best date fruits. Date fruits have been cultivated in this region for over 4000 years and Abu Dhabi specialises in deserts that are made from the rich date fruit. You can not only purchase the raw fruit, you can even try one of the many varieties of dates. Dates usually come in the form of stuffed dates, caramelised dates and even date chocolates. Try some of the stuffed dates, it is amazing what combinations are on offer, the date stuffed with pistachios, almonds and cream are perfect to take back home. The best type of dates is Bateel, but they are not cheap. Most of the good dates are expensive but then again, they are definitely worth a try.

The second item that should be on your shopping list is oriental carpets. The intricate designs and the colours that are blended in to these carpets make them the perfect purchase for your living room. It will definitely add an exotic touch to your house. The carpet making industry goes back to the seventh century BCE and it is an ancient art form in the region. In Abu Dhabi you will find a lot of shops selling the item. The carpets are often made from sheep wool, camel hair, goat hair or flax. Silk is also used for the inner section of the carpets. It is difficult to pack a carpet into your luggage, but you will find a seller who will be willing to ship it to you at a cost. Another shopping must buy is Baklava and you will find the best Baklava in Abu Dhabi. Baklava is a sweet, rich pastry made from layers of flaky phyllo, syrup, honey and nuts. There are some places in the city that specialise in Baklava, which might be quite expensive. There are other options available for you can always buy some Baklava off the counter at a supermarket. There are so many places that sell the product and any form of it should do.

The fourth product that you should buy is also another delicacy. These would be Turkish delights. It is a confectionary made of starch and gel. Some of the best varieties of Turkish delight combine pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts and chopped dates. This product too is available either at premier outlets or at one of the local stores. The final item to buy in Abu Dhabi is cosmetics. Abu Dhabi has a range of cosmetic products to choose from and the malls offer trials and give details about each of the products and its advantages.

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