Standing proudly amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes, Drukgyel Dzong in Bhutan is a historic site that is well worth visiting when on holiday here. This attraction can be found in the Paro District and those looking for a Bhutan hotel in the region can consider the Uma Bhutan property in the Paro Valley. Uma Paro Bhutan offers a variety of Bhutan tour packages that let you see the best the country has to offer.

Now lying in ruins, Drukgyel Dzong is still an impressive site which once functioned as a fortress. Dating back to the mid 17th century, this structure was a daunting fort that was used to repel invaders and attacks and is said to have been home to an exceptional armoury. From the outer structure that can be still seen today, one can imagine what the fort would have looked like in its heyday. As you explore the site you will come across the remains of the watch towers, wooden posts and huge walls that helped make Drukgyel Dzong a near impregnable fort.

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