A traditional marketplace full of life and old-world charm, the Mutrah Souq offers much to explore for sightseers and bargain hunters alike. Here is a guide to help you plan your visit.

Getting There
This attraction in Muscat can be accessed via the Mutrah Corniche; the main entrance is across from the traffic lights for pedestrians. The street is quite busy so parking may be problematic; you can take a cab here, while close by properties such as Al Falaj Hotel offer complimentary drop-off and pick-up services.


Image by Keirn OConnor via Wikimedia Commons

Keep in Mind
This indoor market is huge and there are many routes to explore for those visiting from Oman hotels in Muscat; take your time and “lose” yourself amidst the hustle and bustle. Shops selling similar items will be grouped together and remember you can bargain. Also, keep in mind you may get better discounts if paying by cash.

What’s On Offer
You will be spoilt for choice at the Mutrah Souq which offers a diverse range of items. You will find antiques, vintage objects, pashminas, lanterns, textiles and hand-made products such as bags, necklaces and purses. You can also buy some exquisite jewellery and gold as well as items made with Omani silver.

Other Highlights
Additionally, you can purchase heavenly perfumes like frankincense from Dhofar which is of the highest quality. Other unique items on sale include antique wedding chests and a dagger known as the “Omani Khanjar”. Don’t forget to head to the Souq Al T’halam section of the market which features carved wooden ceilings and lanterns.