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The Maldives is a popular tourist destination that offers a plethora of fun activities to do, and shopping is definitely one of them. The islands are home to a variety of boutique and specialty shops. Shopping in the Maldives can be an entertaining and an amusing experience if you know where and what to look for.

Shopping for souvenirs

You can find mobile markets showing up in all the major resorts on every Saturdays. There will be plenty of souvenirs and gift items to choose from and will also be reasonably priced. The Maldives Travels suggests that you can also do some last minute purchases near the arrival section if you had missed getting anything special for your loved ones.

The Agora shopping center

Located in the heart of the mainland, Agora shopping center is one of the diverse supermarkets you can find in Male. You can find almost anything here from dresses to local foods to souvenirs and it is the ideal place to get all you need under one roof.

Boutique shops and specialty stores

The Maldives may look small but it is home to many boutique shops and specialty stores where you can buy some of the exotic souvenirs and gifts. These gifts also include necklaces and ornaments made from shark tooth or coconut shells and many items that remind you that you are in a tropical paradise.

Things to remember

Do a bit of a research or ask a local and decide where you are going to shop and what do you want to buy before you step into a shop. Bargain for everything many shop owners will try to haggle with you. Try to stick to the good you are trying to buy and don’t get distracted. Shop frequently during your stay and enjoy your holiday in the Maldives.


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