Maldives is a small island nation made up of a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean. First thing that comes to mind and something closely associated with Maldives is the turquoise blue ocean surrounding it. Ocean all around the country means no shortage of fish and other resources out of the sea. So Maldives is a perfect destination to enjoy great sea food. Attracting tens of thousands of tourist annually, it’s no surprise that there is a wide array of accommodation options to choose from. Among them the Luxury Resort in Maldives gains a prominent place. These resorts have been highlighted in most travel magazines and sites and have been one of the key contributors to attracting large numbers of visitors into the island. One such resort that has made a noteworthy impression among the past tourist in this regard is the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, offers splendid luxury combined with modernity and ensures maximum comfort to its guest during their stay.

For those who want to experience the typical Maldivian daily life a perfect place to observe this would be the Male fish Market. Regarded as the commercial epicenter of the country’s most important industry the market is ranked as one of the important places to visit while in the Maldives. The beat time to visit the market would be the afternoon and the early evenings when most of the fishermen from across the country sail to unload their catch. The most common fish to spot at the market would be tuna, however there are also other varieties of fish and prawns and other sea food that is brought into the market on a daily basis. To ensure the freshness of the fish it is best to pay a visit to the market just after the afternoon.

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