Amman is world renowned for its abundance of gold jewellery available for astoundingly cheap prices. Choose a hotel in Amman Jordan such as the Millennium Hotel Amman which is a recommended Amman hotel to stay in while going gold shopping in the region. The gold souks found in Amman are literally glittering and emanating a yellowish golden hue. The designs vary from on to another and the quality of gold found in Amman can hardly be found elsewhere. The 21 carat is the popular form around here and when buying gold, one must look out for a stamp indicating the purity of gold in parts per thousand: ”750” indicates 18-carat while ”875” is 21-carat, while. As the price of gold is very low, getting a custom made piece of jewellery could be done at a very low price as opposed to the exorbitant amounts charged in the west.