Spilling out from the west end of Boston’s financial district, with crowds of people and rows of shops, the energy that exudes from the pedestrian streets of Downtown Crossing, are just simply too irresistible and will eventually tug at the heart strings of any avid explorer.

The streets set out in brick at Downtown Crossing weave paths that lead to various department stores with their many offerings. However, the traffic is curtailed to a certain extent since the street between Temple and Bromfield is cordoned off. As such pedestrians have no fear when walking about the street.

Downtown Crossing – popularly known as Boston’s shopping district begins at a central stop shaped in a ‘T’. Not only will tourists find that the place is home to department stores but the streets are lined with many eateries and specialty shops.

Back in the 70’s when heavy vehicular traffic meant the street would be closed, it also meant the pedestrians wouldn’t be found either. Hence the Downtown Crossing Association established there after, decided that to breathe life into the place it would handle the administration of a vendor project that used carts. The crossing is the site of that vending project which was put together in 1983.

For tourists who are more comfortable with exploring the area by foot, the streets offer superb access via subway station or bus. Downtown Crossing is viewed as a centre for recreation as well as a business centre. If it’s to hang out with friends and to squeeze a bit of shopping in as well, then the crossing is the perfect place to visit.

Considered the major thoroughfare of BostonWashington Street’s commercial value has always been held in high esteem by travellers. Though the place may seem very formal and perhaps more so than other marketplaces, there is a warm interaction that takes place between customers and stall owners that keeps people returning to this vibrant urban niche.

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