Tokyo, a city pulsating with life, boasts some captivating weekly markets that offer everything from organic produce to those hard-to-find vintage items you may have been hunting for. Here are some of the best markets, catering to the discerning traveller eager to explore beyond the conventional.

Farmers Market at UNU

The Farmers Market at the United Nations University (UNU) is a weekend haven for those looking for organic fare. It’s held every Saturday and Sunday, outside the United Nations University HQ which can be reached from Marunouchi-based luxury serviced apartments. Tokyo markets like this one showcase local fare brought by passionate farmers which lends to its appeal. Visit the various stalls, chat with growers about their produce, and indulge in delectable treats from food trucks to be found here as well.

Antique Market at Tomioka Hachimangu 

Enhance your visit to the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine by immersing yourself in the Antique Market usually held on its grounds every Sunday (except the third Sunday of the month). Those exploring this site that lies within easy reach of properties like Oakwood Premier Tokyo can expect to find an array of antiques, Imari porcelain, old books, elegant kimonos, vintage toys, beautiful tableware and more.

Flea Market at Setagaya Park

While the grand Boroichi Market in Setagaya graces this ward twice a year, the Flea Market at Setagaya Park is a more regular haunt for treasure hunters. Occurring at least once a month on Sundays, the park hosts over 100 vendors peddling bargains ranging from jewellery and clothing to toys and tableware. Take time to peruse through the many items on sale for you never know what vintage treasure you will find.

Flea Market at Oi Racecourse 

Step into Tokyo’s largest flea market at Oi Racecourse, offering a weekend extravaganza boasting over 250 vendors. Held almost every weekend in the expansive parking lot, this market offers an eclectic range of goods, be it clothing, handicrafts, rare antiques, toys, or home décor. Navigate through the maze of stalls, be energised with delectable snacks from onsite food trucks, and revel in the thrill of discovering hidden gems!