Shopping in Male can be quite a fascinating experience since it is so different to the standard malls one would find in cities. A case in point is the Male Local Market where one can buy everything from fresh fruit to sweet treats! An idea way to visit the Maldivian capital is to stay at a Maldives island hotel which provides excursions to Male. Velassaru Maldives is just such a Maldives resort that also lets you enjoy the very best the country has to offer.

When in Male make sure to plan a trip to the Local Market where one join locals in perusing through stalls that sell a variety of fresh produce. The customary sight of yellow bananas can be seen throughout the market, along with fruits and vegetables which have been brought in from the islands. You can also purchase other items such as breadfruit chips, pickles, nuts and sweets which are ideal to purchase as snacks or add-ons to your meals.

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