Standing resolutely serving the varying and diverse needs of man for almost a century and a half is the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. Over the years the open air bazaar has gone from a mere trading platform to an iconic landmark well known and recognized by all Australians.

The locals known as Melbournians love calling over on weekdays to gather an assortment of fresh produce, and unlike most other places which only claim to vend fresh products, the Queen Victoria Market is a haven full of crisp lettuce, ripe red tomatoes, bright carrot sticks, home grown mushrooms, succulent pears and peaches. There are also a number of meat and seafood stalls where a new stock is brought in at least once a day. More than half of the market space is dedicated to the trade of fresh food items such as this, while the specialty goods and other trinkets occupy the remainder of the space.

However Sundays are the best days to call over at the market, as the bazaar takes the form of a carnival with cafes and eateries opening out on the road and children’s rides taking centre stage. The market becomes one of the most hyped up family hubs and Melbournians feel at home while roaming around to collect their weekly groceries and treating the family to a scrumptious meal.

The market place is divided into different sections based on what they trade in; to accommodate the needs of the migrant population and their immigrant delicacies, the ‘Deli Hall’ has been in operation since the early part of the twentieth century, the health conscious have the organics section and for some real bargains there is the ‘General Merchandise Stall’. The strangely named ‘F Shed Lane’ was at one point the general warehouse for all the merchandise, but with the passage of time it was taken over and converted into an avenue full of intrigue for youngsters with CDs, fashion accessories, electronics and clothing.

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Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.