The cosmopolitan city of Dubai is every shoppers dream destination. Scattered among the glistening skyscrapers and private homes are mega shopping malls that will leave you breathless with their endless choices, and one of the best places for shopping is Deira. One of the oldest parts of Dubai, Deira is home to several souks, markets and 5-star hotels, like the AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel, for example.

There are a variety of things to do in Deira Dubai, but what most people come for, is the gold. Dubai is famous for affordable gold jewellery, and Deira is the place to find it. The stunning gold souk has over a hundred stores that offer a brilliant array of platinum, precious stones, silver and of course, gold. From delicate pearl earrings to elaborate gold wedding necklaces, you’ll find it all at the gold souk. Whether you are planning on buying anything or not, a visit to the souk is a definite must for any traveller. Take a stroll through the arcades or settle down on one of the many benches around the souk and take in the lively atmosphere.

A bustling market, most of the shopping and selling is done through bargaining, and its not uncommon to see a seller bargaining with two to three different buyers at once over several items. If you are worried about authenticity, don’t be. The Dubai government holds tight control over the quality of all goods sold here, so rest assured all the merchandise on offer is genuine.

If something catches your eye, don’t shy away from bartering! Persistence and a nonchalant walk away will often see merchants dropping prices by half. In addition, always browse a few stores, before you settle on buying anything. You’re quite likely to see something you like in more than one store, in some case, you may find a more affordable piece in a certain store.

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