Standing tall and still proclaiming the quintessential grace of the English is the Fortnum and Mason, established in the year 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason. The 300-year-old department store located in Piccadilly is renowned for the quality of its exquisitely wrapped fine food, hampers, tea and wine. Fortnum and Mason’s luxury picnic hampers with Stilton cheese, quail eggs, champagne, and smoked salmon have gained much popularity and is a frequently exchanged gift during the season of Christmas.
The historic store has held its charm on many generations throughout the Napoleonic Wars and the Victorian Era. It is also said that shipments of Fortnum and Mason’s beef tea were sent to the hospitals of Florence Nightingale by Queen Victoria during the Crimean War.

Fortnum and Mason, which was founded as a grocery store, today continues its journey of providing high quality and exotic food, home ware, beauty products, accessories as well as basic supplies as a department store. It is said that the store is the favorite food hall of the Royal Family as well, still being their purveyor of food and wine.

The five restaurants at Fortnum and Mason continues to provide lip-smacking delights amidst glass-spiked chandeliers and marble pillars, giving the visitors a feeling of entering an enchanting palace of old. The quality of the delicacies is remarkable, keeping up to the age-old traditions of the English.

Fortnum and Mason reflects the wholesome history of the English and can be recognized as an iconic British symbol. The absolutely charming interior of the store and the décor that mesmerizes all visitors make a visit to this wonderful place a must, when in London.

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