Cicada Market is a large outdoor night market that is open from Friday to Sunday every week. It is a busy market indeed, but there is always a relaxed atmosphere.

The location

This popular market is located on Nong Kae-Takib road and is of course really close to properties the likes of Avani+ Hua Hin Resort. This is why spending long hours at the Cicada Market is one of the best things to do in Hua Hin during weekends.

It’s a food lovers’ paradise

Thai food, western food, or even diverse types of seafood, Thai snacks and sweets, you name it, and this market has it all. The prices are good, and this is definitely good news!

There is a section for art

There is one end you find in this market that is reserved for artwork. Local artists display their paintings and sketches in this corner, and you can buy them if you are interested. If you hope to buy a great souvenir, you can also have your portrait sketched at a very good price!

Markets nearby

Next to the Cicada market, there is another smaller market called the Tamarind Market. Just like the Cicada Market, the Tamarind market also provides free access so you can head on over here after you are done exploring the Cicada market and if you have more time on your hands!