Open markets are one of Thailand’s most iconic hallmarks and there’s no market bigger or more iconic than the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This is a cultural institution and an essential experience.


This market has been around for some time, with the earliest incarnation being in 1942. The market moved around for about two decades before becoming a mainstay in Chatuchak.


There are several kinds of goods that are available at the Chatuchak Weekend Market and you can find almost anything you would need, from foodstuff to electronics and exotic souvenirs. There are even art galleries to be explored within the market.


Every year, numbers ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 people visit the market, and this includes both locals and international travellers. Due to the comprehensive nature of the market, most people who arrive knowing exactly what they wish to buy end up leaving with a bounty of spontaneous purchases.

jeff_leigh, Thai SilkCC BY 2.0


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