The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) stands as an unparalleled celebration of luxury, style, and retail extravaganza that has captivated the hearts of shopping enthusiasts worldwide. Established in 1996, this annual month-long event has evolved into one of the most iconic shopping festivals globally, drawing millions of visitors from diverse corners of the globe to the glittering city of Dubai.


Indeed, the festival extends its influence to virtually every corner of Dubai, with active participation from every mall and nearly every retail establishment. The festival’s inauguration is marked by dazzling displays of fireworks and fair-themed events hosted in various parks. These parks consistently host fireworks and a myriad of other events daily, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere easily accessed from hotel suites in Dubai such as the Oaks Liwa Heights.

What you Can Get

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) offers a diverse array of shopping delights across various categories. In the realm of electronics, the festival has become a consumer favourite, thanks to the incredible deals on electronic items. Furniture enthusiasts can explore discounted prices on a range of furniture and home appliances from various brands. The festival also presents an extensive selection of leather products, including bags, jackets, and cosmetics.

The Discounts

With the active participation of over 1,500 stores offering a diverse range of products, the Dubai Shopping Festival has become a resounding success. Top brands in categories spanning from electronic accessories to exquisite gold jewellery are offering substantial discounts, some reaching as high as 75%, on a myriad of items such as clothing, home décor, electronic gadgets, dry fruits, and jewellery, among others.

Use the App

The Dubai Shopping Festival app curates DSF packages to ensure you have memorable experiences during your visit. These packages not only encompass shopping opportunities but also include visits to other prominent landmarks throughout the city. The app’s team meticulously plans every aspect of your Dubai holiday, and their multilingual tour planners provide comprehensive travel solutions.