Itaewon, located in the center of Yonsang-gu which surrounds the northern Handang River, is a unique and popular place with a mix of different cultures. It has a population of over 22,000 and is inhabited by foreigners from over 80 countries. The city is connected by Seoul Subway Line 6 through Itawson, Hanganjin and Noksapyeong stations. It is renowned as a special tourism district due to the culture diversity and exciting entertainment options as well as the large variety of shopping that the town offers. This city is also close to Garrison which is the main US Army base in Korea.

The streets of Itaewon are packed with tasteful stores and restaurants as well as an array of stalls. Go on a delightful shopping spree as you are bound to find many fashion stores that contain imported goods such as antique furniture, clothes, handbags and shoes. You can also enjoy the service of experienced tailors who offer customized clothes. Enjoy a fun filled day while you shop among rich choices and variety. Apart from shopping, Itaewon city offers visitors with a variety of cuisine from all over the globe. The restaurants present international delicacies from places such as Korea, New York, India, China, Italy, Mexico and Australia. Furthermore, this city is also a major hot spot for Seoul’s nightlife as well. Have a night out with friends and enjoy the lively bars and clubs that pulsate with excellent music.

You will find the Seoul Central Mosque in Itaewon, a stunning structure which was opened in 1976. It holds lectures in English, Arabic and Korean and also accommodates 800 worshippers for the Friday prayers. Being the only mosque in Seoul, this is a popular attraction among tourists and local. There is also a wide collection of Islamic restaurants and stores that sell Halal groceries in the area.

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