The key to a healthy living is consuming the right food that contains the right nutrients. But today’s world doesn’t allow us to eat clean as the food that we find everywhere is being dosed with a cocktail of chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers. Read on to know how to get food that is free from chemicals and the benefits of switching from artificial to organic produce.



With the growing population, the demand for food is increasing rapidly and the solution that we humans have come up with is mass production! With this method, food can be easily produced but it involves extensive use of chemicals and substances that pose a serious threat to the health of people who consume it. The only way to avoid this is by switching from traditional mass-produced food items to organic produce.

What are organic foods?

Organic foods are the foods that are produced with a total absence of chemical and artificial fertilizers. The farming methods used here features traditional practices and minimal use of modern technology instructed by the government in order to cycle resources and to protect the ecological balance. Organic meat is also produced in a similar manner which involves feeding cattle and poultry organic feed and refraining from injecting them growth stimulants.

Why should you switch to organic food?

As the food items are exposed to chemicals they tend to absorb them which in turn get into our system when we consume them. Most of these chemicals that enter into our body are harmful and are proven to cause health problems by time but when we consume organic food items that are not exposed to chemicals poses no threats to our body and they have also been proven to be more nutritious and fresh.

Where can you buy them?

Many supermarket chains like Keells Super, for example, has brought in the initiative to sell an organic range of food products as more and more people demand organic products. Now you can also buy organic food items along with your household Items online, on almost all the websites of big supermarket chains.

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