Bangkok, located in the heart of former Siam, is the ultimate shopping destination for those who love indulging in retail therapy. From high-end shopping malls and centres such as Siam Paragon and Central World to affordable and unique street shopping in markets such as Chatuchak, Bangkok is replete with shopping opportunities for every single budget. Therefore, whether you prefer to shop in comfort and purchase luxury clothing and other global labels, or whether you enjoy the thrill of the chase, the haggling and the bargains that are often available in the street markets, the city of Bangkok offers a shopping experience for every taste.

For tourists and locals looking to purchase arts and antiques, the River City shopping centre located on the banks of the famous Chao Phraya River is recommendable. While the banks of the River are dotted with major attractions such as Wat Pho and the Grand Palace, and which can be conveniently seen from the comfort of a Chao Phraya cruise such as those offered by Anantara Cruises, Thailand, the River City is an ideal place to visit after some sightseeing in order to purchase some memorable souvenirs.

River City hosts numerous shops on four floors selling a variety of goods ranging from antiques and jewellery to arts and crafts and souvenirs. Those who seek to purchase antiques should note that the antique shops start on the first floor itself, and haggling to reduce the price is recommended. Antiques can also be purchased at the OP Place: The Asian Heritage Shopping Centre, a nearby shopping centre, albeit smaller than River City.
The River City shopping centre also hosts a vast number of shops selling Thai silks and products made of silk, leather products as well as tailor shops. Some of these shops even have their own websites, and therefore, if you wish to save time you can do a bit of online research prior to visiting the shops.

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