Luxury Jewellery

So what exactly is jewellery designing you ask? It’s the trade of conceptualising jewellery designs and then finally bringing them to fruition. If you’re holidaying in the sunny isle of Sri Lanka, you’ll be happy to know that the country has an abundance of precious and semi-precious gems for you to peruse and purchase. The country is known to have the highest ratio of gem deposit density to land mass. Sri Lanka is especially known for its rubies and star sapphires. In addition to gems, the Island also luckily has many skilled jewellery designers to make good use of these beauties. They find employment in local luxury jewellery stores, one example of which is Ayura Studio, and put their talents to good use in creating intricate works of art in the form of necklaces, rings and earrings for you to ooh and aah over.

While you’ve been put fawning over these gorgeous fashion statements, have you ever wondered how these accessories were made? These works of art start out as mere figments of imagination in the mind’s eye of a jewellery designer. The conceptualised designs are then put on paper in the form of technical drawings which specify in detail the shape, form and dimensions of the piece of jewellery that is to be created. These designs were done solely by hand in the past. However, with the advancements of technology being what they are, nowadays, designers don’t just rely on their hands to do it, but use a mix of traditional hand drawing techniques coupled with software such as Matrix and Rhinoceros 3D. So if you have an eye for beauty, a knack for design and perhaps a way with computers, perhaps you should consider embarking on the career in jewellery designing. It may just be the ideal job for you!

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