Abstract art in Sri Lanka is slowly gaining popularity; more artists are exploring and expanding their talents with the help of many galleries and individuals. Sri Lanka art is today recognised for the immense potential it always promised. And if you would like to take a trip back in time to view re-created masterpieces or are a fan of modern culture, surfing sites such Sri Lankan Art Gallery will prove to be quite rewarding.
This site is dedicated to Sri Lankan art. It is hosted by the CSR wing of the prestigious John Keells Foundation and is a well categorised platform for upcoming local artists to be recognised internationally, in order to sell their work and gain prominence individually and as a nation. A comprehensive list of upcoming arts and cultural events are listed on the website which has its main focus on the enhancement of traditional arts and culture of Sri Lanka. The website is a carefully curated library listing up and coming artists, art work in the form of sculptures, paintings and drawings as well collections from individual artists. If you are avid fan of the art world this site would be an ideal browse for information on upcoming events and exhibitions taking place in the world of art. It is also a platform where you will be introduced to fresh new talents and exotic works of art created through local skill and genius.

Abstract art in Sri Lanka is thriving since the days of George Keyt. Many young artists are delving into new mediums to produce their masterpieces through material such as clay, paper, metal or any other element deemed worthy of prominence.
Had over to the precincts of the Vihara Maha Devi Park and you will see a bevy of young artists have displayed their talents along the sidewalk. There you will find abstract masterpieces that come in various sizes shapes and even as a series of canvases that when hung in the right order create and inspiring image. Of course for a clear cut image of Sri Lankan art and fresh talent the Sri Lankan Art Gallery would be your one stop shop.

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