Explore Bangkok for what it’s best known for; shopping. Satisfy the shopaholic in you by planning your next holiday getaway to this electric city that offers shopping fit for all types of budgets. Here are some of the unique shopping recommendations for you.

 The Weekend Market

Step into a large open-air market from your Sukhumvit hotel to shop at your own pace. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is located a mere 30 minutes away from Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel and is guaranteed to host several stalls that offer various products, ranging from furniture to clothes, medicine, plants, books souvenirs etc.

 Railway Market

Blend in with the roaming crowds of the night, searching for the best offers under a starlit sky. The Railway Market – Talad Rod Fai is located behind a shopping mall and attracts tourists in numbers. The lone standing market is unique in its own way with colourful tents that sell antiques and handmade items that are worth a purchase.

Photo by Silent Sightseer via pexels

 Exploring the Lost and Found

Lost and Found is the vintage store that your heart’s been searching for. With trendy clothing that takes you back to the days of chic styles from The Great Gatsby to the years of disco fever, the store is a vintage lover’s paradise. Hosting a myriad of clothing options from every era of the 20th century, Lost and Found will offer the most unique shopping experience to its visitors.

 Second-Hand Books for the Readers

The smell of a second-hand book can by no means be compared to that of a new one. Passed down from one book lover to another, Dasa Book Café qualifies as one of the top second-hand bookshops in all of Bangkok. Discover a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles which are both bestsellers and hidden gems to impress the reader in you.