The sheer variety and attractive marketing efforts of cosmetics brands in virtual stores can be overwhelming and tempt you beyond your budget! Here’s how to avoid splurging and land a perfect value-added makeup haul.

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Get Quality Assured 
First things first, spend time researching the brand and cosmetic product that has caught your eye, whether it’s consulting the beauty guru in your life, watching the reviews of experts, or tapping into the virtual grapevine.

Know Your Why
A rule of thumb in minimalist shopping is ‘don’t buy what you don’t need’. Therefore, it’s worth spending more on a product that is essential, such as a moisturising serum or hair-strengthening shampoo, rather than hoarding enchantingly packaged cosmetics you don’t need! For the best skin care products in Sri Lanka, venture no further than the likes of uStore. 

Test the Best
While it’s easy to fill your cart with decadent beauty products, remember that less is more and smart minimalism is the best way to avoid regrets! Therefore, try out a best-selling item from each short-listed brand before committing fully.

Opt for All-Natural 
If you’re keen to try out new brands, make sure you peruse the ingredients list, as it’s much safer to stick with organic ingredients that will have a less intense reaction. Also, make sure to check the product’s date of expiry.

Read the Reviews 
Don’t just skim through the top four or five comments! Especially if you’re trying a lesser-known makeup brand that isn’t a household name, read every single review to make sure you won’t regret the purchase.

Consider Skin Tone
Search or ask for pictures of on-skin swatches, this way you can make sure that the foundation, highlighter, or lipstick you choose compliments your natural complexion.

Check Website Authenticity 
You may hear nothing but good about a particular cosmetic brand, but make sure the online supplier is a hundred per cent reliable via word of mouth and influencer recommendations.