While Bali is known for its stunning beaches, this magical island also has a colourful local culture which can be experienced in such exotic destinations as Denpasar City. This part of the island can be found in South Bali and is around 22 kms from Ubud which makes a great base for those looking for accommodation from which to set off on sightseeing excursions. Uma Bali is one such Ubud hotel worth considering and is an ideal luxury hotel Bali has to offer, set amidst stunning natural backdrops. Plan a trip to Denpasar City from Ubud and discover an enchanting part of the island where you can soak up the local culture too. As you explore the area you will come across several sites of interest. The Bali Museum offers a unique insight into the region’s rich heritage, while the Bali Art Centre which features the largest open theatre in town is also worth exploring. Religion plays an important role in the lives of the people and a visit to Denpasar’s largest Hindu temple, Jagatnata Temple with its religious iconography and tropical garden is well worth your while. End your tour with a stop at the Traditional Market where you can enjoy a lively shopping experience buying everything from traditional clothes to fruits!

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