Amidst the beautiful beaches and idyllic holiday islands, Auckland remains untouched by commercialism, exuding an essence of a quaint city. Far from been described as a cosmopolitan metropolis, it is surrounded by languid waters and lush greenery. Travellers to Auckland will be able to immerse themselves into its charming allure and learn more about its rich heritage culture. A dream destination for many tourists, it has the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and city lifestyle to make it a unique destination of Kiwi culture.

A ten minutes walk from the Sky Tower lies one of Auckland’s most visit tourist attraction, Victoria Park Market. A historic building, it is an iconic landmark in the city. Towering above 38 metres high, it is known for its orange and brown brick walls. Flaunting a high chimney, Victoria Park Market is protected by the Historic Trust of New Zealand as it has been recognized as a vital part of Auckland’s historical commercial growth. Rising from a colonial neighborhood to a modern city as it is seen today, Auckland’s Victoria Park is a significant reminder of the city’s humble beginning.

Having emerged as a historic market, Victoria Park Market was initially a rubbish depot. Regarded as one of the first depots in the city, it is located at the foreshore of Freemans Bay. Deriving its name from Victoria Park which lies nearby, the market boasts of an interesting history as not many other places can claim to have grown from a rubbish depot to a tourist attraction.

Tracing back to its history in the 1870s, the site was amidst various residential and commercial buildings. Due to this burgeoning industrialization that took place, a series of brickwork buildings were erected on the site to dispose of the city’s rubbish. In 1907, a power generator was added to the building in order to generate electricity to Auckland. However, it was soon realized to be inadequate due to the growing power demands of the city and the building was shut down.

In 1983, after a successful public campaign, Victoria Park market was transformed to a tourist attraction. It changed its name from the “Destructor” to Victoria Park Market, in order to sound more tourist friendly.

Perfect for retail therapy, it stands now as a retail complex, providing shoppers clothes, crafts and souvenirs. In addition to the wide range of shops available, there is a large food court located within the premises, offering visitors a wide range of refreshments. Furthermore, it features a Celebrity Walk of Fame and a museum, which is solely dedicated to the remarkable history of the site. Opened in 1984, the Celebrity Walk of Fame features an array of footprints and handprints of popular New Zealanders, including Dame Kiri Te, Sir Edmund Hillary, John Walker and Rachel Hunter.

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