Less modernized compared to the other areas of Bali, Ubud boasts a traditional form of Balinese culture with warm hospitality, gentle yet vibrant atmosphere and mild yet delectable cuisine.

The town’s rustic and arty nature along with the free-spirited attitude of whole of Bali has made this destination popular amongst budget travellers, artists, self appointed explorers and back-packers. The attractions in this town are aplenty – from ancient temples to exquisite landscapes defined by lush green paddy fields – the town features a Balinese culture which just simply intoxicates all visitors and lures them to stay on longer.

Though some may describe it as laid-back the tranquil atmosphere of the town managed to lure in visitors of all walks of life. And for most it is a form of relaxation and fulfilment in the forms of culinary delights and Balinese spas. But for those wishing to explore the town further, especially for the treasure to take back home the ideal place would be the Art Market.

Also known as Pasar Seni, this is the main shopping destination in Ubud and one can find all kinds of treasures at this business hub. Portraying the unique culture of the town, the Art Market features the fares of both traditional and contemporary craftsmen. From clothing to colourful fabrics to traditional masks to various other souvenirs the market has something for everyone. The Art Market is also the place to visit for exclusive and luxurious goods such as silver jewellery, paintings and rich batiks-print fabrics. Pricing here is rather fair and shoppers can easily come to agreements with the shop owners regarding the price. The market functions daily from about 8 in the morning till about 6 in the evening.

Visitors seeking a Bali hotel will find that there is a range of options available through online lodging option providers. The region generally being associated with exotic living most prefer to indulge in the unique and relaxing Balinese lifestyle. A Bali luxury resort is the choice of many as it would afford the perfect atmosphere for the ideal Balinese holiday. For the perfect indulgence of this exotic Indonesian culture try the Anantara Seminyak, Bali.