For tourists venturing out to experience the sights of Michigan Avenue there is plenty to see. One of the city’s landmarks is the Chicago Water Tower. Situated on North Michigan Avenue, the structure could be seen beside the famous shopping district called the Magnificent Mile.
Another notable building beside the water tower is the Loyola University in Chicago. After the Louisville Tower in Kentucky, the Chicago Water Tower comes in at second place as the world’s oldest water tower in the world.
Built in 1869, the tower was designed by William Boyington using Joliet limestone which is yellowish in colour. The structure stands at 47 metres in height and has a stand pipe which is 42 metres long. The water tower is to control water flows in the area as well as for assisting fire fighters.
The actual history and popularity of the water tower emerged in 1871 during the Great Chicago Fire. Incidentally the water Tower was the only building among those that burned down to survive the trauma of damage. The water tower has not only survived the trial by fire but it has also lived the trials of the ages to serve as a witness for Chicago’s future generations of the old city.
Another popular stop along the way is the Magnificent Mile in North Michigan Avenue. This is the haven of hardcore shoppers around the world. The street extends for several miles with many cafes, restaurants, shops, gift shops, various galleries and much more. The street is towards the North of Chicago and boasts of some very exclusive shopping malls not to mention the shopper’s paradise that awaits those who visit the Chicago Place Mall.
After a long day of shopping and wandering about North Michigan, tourists should check into a Chicago Hotel. A popular hotel among locals and foreigners alike is the Millenium Knickerbocker Hotel Chicago, which is located at the entrance to the popular Magnificent Mile and the hotel is close enough to downtown Chicago for dinning and shopping.