Anyone who is in Bangkok over the weekend will not leave without visiting the Chatuchak market. Spread over 27 acres and divided into 27 colour coded sections the market is known to have something for everyone. The market’s fame for its huge selection of merchandise has made it a ‘must visit’ place.

200,000 visitors a day over Saturday and Sunday trawl through 15,000 booths looking for bargains from clothing to house wares, accessories, antiques, collectibles, furniture, pets, natural and artificial plants and flowers, garden decorations, soft toys, Buddhist amulets, silk fabrics and many other products too many to enumerate.

The MRT and BTS Sky Train along Sukhumvit road provide easy access to the market. But once there the maze of shops presents a somewhat daunting prospect of finding anything. The main walkway that extends round the premises and numbered alleyways leading to the 27 sections of the market are of little help. There appears to be no easy way to negotiate the premises. Visitors generally plunge in and hope for the best. As with markets all over the world bargaining is expected and those who have honed their negotiation skills probably can walk away with a very good deal. If you like it buy it, seems to be the motto here as it is practically impossible to come back to a vendor once you’ve moved on. For those intending to buy antiques it is best to check the goods thoroughly or to bring along someone knowledgeable as they are of dubious authenticity.

Many people go to Chatuchak market without knowing what to expect. However walking through the market viewing the stalls piled high with everything that anyone can imagine and the special atmosphere of the place is enough to satisfy most even without spending any money. The best time to go to the market is in the morning when it is not too crowded and is not too hot. It is said that at least half a day needs to be spent here if not a whole day to hunt down the desired merchandise. Coconut ice cream in coconut shells, coconut water and a huge selection of food and drink does much to sustain shoppers.

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