Hong Kong is a city that has been established on the basis of international trade and its legacy as a port town in South East Asia. As in many parts of the region, locals of Hong Kong regard their markets as being at the centre of their lives and in a larger sense of the city. Markets in Asia are more than just a meeting place for producers and consumers; they have played an important role in the region’s culture and society.

The markets of Hong Kong are veritable melting pots of culture, as it is where traders from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world used to congregate. As such they were vehicles of cultural development and influenced everything from cuisine to clothing in the country. The Temple Street Night Market is one of the largest open air markets in Hong Kong and sees thousands of shoppers on a daily basis, of course the market much busier on weekends as many of the locals come to sample some of the street food and pick up some bargains.

The market is located in a historic part of the city and takes its name from the ancient Tin Hau Temple that is located along the main street. The temple was constructed during the Qing dynasty reign in China and has notable similarities with Taoist temples of the mainland.

The market opens around 2 pm in the afternoon, but most shoppers come here during the night. The market is particularly well known for men’s clothing though several stalls that peddle other items such as antiques, souvenirs, electronics and footwear are also seen. Items are very cheap and are a great place to buy a pair of knock-off designer jeans with out the premium price tag. The road side food carts are also popular among tourists especially those staying in Mongkok hotels Hong Kong as it is a convenient location for a quick dinner. Staying at a hotel in Kowloon such as Cosmo Hotel Mongkok is a great option for travelers that want to stay at the heart of Hong Kong’s entertainment district.

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