Pattaya is a beachfront city located in Thailand and is wildly famous amongst tourists for the many beach parties, festivals and shopping sprees taking place in the city. Shopping has always being a girl’s favorite pastime and Pattaya lays a great foundation for said purpose.

A shopper in Pattaya always has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of shops and outlets available to match the budget he or she can spare. Many businessmen from most parts of Asia come to Pattaya to buy large quantities of clothes and accessories at wholesale prices to sell in their own countries for a healthy profit.

May it be clothes, accessories, shoes, leather items, household items, technical gadgets, jewelry, ornaments, souvenirs; Pattaya’s shopping malls has them all. The FN Factory Outlet in Pattaya are manufactures of fashion apparels, leather goods and furniture while the Lukdod Shop in Central Pattaya is the ideal place to do souvenir shopping to take a piece of Thailand back to your home country. Here you get to buy wooden Thai handicrafts, antique style furniture, and Thai silk and home decorating items at reasonable prices.

The Index Living Mall is ideal for gentlemen as you will find mainly mechanicals items such as kitchenware, garden equipments and light fixtures which can be purchased at a discount rate. Also, don’t miss out on visiting Asia’s largest beachfront shopping complex, which is the Central Festival Pattaya shopping mall. This seven story building has over 200 stalls consisting of fast food outlets, coffee shops, bookstores and fashion outlets, selling “you name it, they have it” kind of items that will make you go crazy, crazy enough to spend, spend, spend!

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