The city of Muscat in Oman has a lot to offer its visitors and a great shopping experience is clearly on top of the list. Shopping in Muscat can be quite exhilarating because of its diversity of offerings The markets can be categorised into two areas, the traditional souqs or markets and the modern shopping malls.

The sensory experience of the hustle and bustle of a traditional souq is a must to add to your shopping spree. You will find everything you need and more in the souqs, especially local products such as traditional handicrafts, which are ideal for gifts to take home for friends and family. From clothes, perfumes, electrical items, food, spices and whatnot, you’ll be surprised at the variety that is available at these vibrant local bazaars. You will be able to purchase famous Omani silver jewellery, khanjars, which are traditional Omani daggers, perfumed oils and mosque alarm clocks that will make great souvenirs to remember your trip and also offer people at home a taste of your exotic experiences. Since locals generally use the souqs to make their daily purchases, it also allows you to talk to the locals and mingle with different communities. The best thing about shopping in souqs is that you can bargain the prices and most often the sellers give into lower prices. So the more you bargain the better deals you are going to get!

There are a large number of shopping malls in Muscat as well, with top brands from around the world being represented. You will find that these are similar to the modern shopping complexes that you see around the world with various local and international products available for purchase. You will also find other local stores that sell various products that are not necessarily street markets but shops dotting the spirited main streets of the city. Generally, shops and precincts open from 9am to 1pm in the afternoon and then again from 4pm to 11pm on all days except Fridays, which is when they open only after 4pm.

Holidaymakers will find various Oman hotels that they can stay during their visit to the country. But ensure that you make the right choice when choosing a Muscat hotel that suits your style and preferences for accommodation with this exciting city. The Al Falaj Hotel is located in close proximity to the business district and the best tourist attractions in town, and it presents an ideal option for both business and leisure travellers.