Mongkok is the most renowned shopping district in all of Hong Kong. Located in the heart of Kowloon, its ever so popular neon lights illuminate this town mirroring an image of Hong Kong you would likely see on a postcard. With a myriad of old and new buildings, a plethora of shopping and eating outlets and the largest population density in the world, Mongkok is definitely a place to visit in Hong Kong.

Packed and crowded in every way, Mongkok booms and bustles with life all day and all night long. Just step into Sai Yueng Choi Street and you will know what they mean by densely populated; people occupy every inch of this area and shops are usually over flowing with customers both locals and tourists alike. For shopaholics Mongkok is nothing short of heaven. Boasting fabulous value for money bargains and retail outlets that sell almost everything and anything you can imagine, you can quench your stuff loving craze whatever the intensity may be. Try the Nathan Road for starters; here you find stores lining the entire length of the street. But if you are looking for the perfect deals head to the chain store at the south of Sai Yeung Choi Street which has more of the genuine products. Among the stores are the popular ladies’ market, goldfish market, computer centre and the flower market. Once you have browsed through the many shopping outlets in the city drop by at the bird park or the temple street, both popular attractions located nearby. Shopaholics can venture a little further into Reclamation Street or Shanghai Street for a wider range of choices. These places are famous for traditional Chinese items that range from home decor to wedding gowns.

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